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Welcome to classiclit!

This is not a Classy Clit community.

This community is for any discussion pretaining to Classic Literature, preferably written in the English language or with a readily available translation. Whether you're looking for help with your Hamlet essay for English class, or simply want to discuss Emma, this is the community for you.

Frequently Asked Question: What is a classic?

Definitions vary, some assign a certain age to a piece of work (50 years, 25, 100) while others name specific traits. As a rule of thumb, anything published in the last 20 years probably doesn't count. Many good books that have been published recently may be better than some classics, but are still not classics. When we get some members, we'll work on a community definition which I will post here. Here are some dictionary definitions: from Word Reference, from Dictionary.com.

The rules are simple, but please follow them. They aren't strict and I hope never to have to delete an entry and certainly not to ban anyone!

  1. Please be respectful, don't attack anyone for any reason. However, attacks and criticisms on all books are welcomed and encouraged.
  2. Stay on topic. If you go off topic, I'll warn you but if it gets out of hand, entries will be deleted.
  3. For longer entries, please use the LJ-cut tag. To do this, use the following code: <lj-cut text="Any Text"> The text between the quotes will show up as a link.
  4. I reserve the right to ban whoever I want from the community, however in fairness I will provide a reason if contacted privately. You can contact me at cedric_johnson_@hotmail.com or go to my personal journal.

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