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WANTED: Info/Download of "A Note on Vrony's Grave" (book by author of Heidi)

When poking about for information about the author of the celebrated children's book Heidi, I found references to an interesting work by the same author- "A Note on Vrony's Grave", which deals with the unusual topic of domestic violence.

It must certainly be in the public domain by now, but I can't find a download of it- or even an adequate summary online. Most of the search results are just verbatim rehashes of its mention in Johanna Spyri's Wikipedia entry... I found the idea of the Heidi authoress writing on the topic of domestic violence interesting enough, but the great difficulty I'm having in trying to find the book makes it even more appealing to me...

Has anyone read "A Note on Vrony's Grave", or found a place to download it? I'd be glad even to have a summary from someone who's read it...
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